Senior thesis project at Parsons School of Design. A series of interviews showcasing emerging bands and musicians, with an emphasis on highlighting women and non-binary artists. Reflector facilitates focus on one artist at a time by providing a slow-paced reading of a thoughtful interview. Designed to contrast the over-saturation of content on social media, Reflector curates a limited amount of material and prioritizes a handmade approach. The series achieves an intimate reading experience through duotone color, risograph printing, and nostalgic typography.

To create this series, I reached out to bands and artists whose music I love and wanted to uplift. I attended and photographed their concerts & then interviewed them virtually. These interviews consist of not only the bands’ origin stories and songwriting processes, but also their insights on navigating a challenging and rapidly-changing industry–both online and off. 

Reflector #1: Kaili Orcutt of TV Messages

Reflector #2: Diva Bleach

Reflector #3: Jake Berglove of Early Eyes

Process spreads. Over the course of a year, I experimented with dozens of design iterations before Reflector reached its final form.